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Regal Tax Services

We provide extensive range of services to assist individual and business in achieving sound financial future and hassle free business growth through sound advice in Taxes related matter so they concentrate on their business and personal growth.

We work in association with Attorneys, Insurance brokers ,web designers .Our trusted experts and competent accountant and consultants will help you with your accounting, financial reporting and tax compliance needs in achieving financial goals for you and your business.

 Tax strategy and advisrory services:

Tax planning is most important to run any business smoothly and successfully and ensure sustainable growth. We at Regal Tax provide you, through our experience ,technical knowledge and access to the latest modifications of the tax laws, complete advise maximize your tax returns and improve your cash flow.

A successful tax function requires effective compliance and open transparent reporting. Tax strategies that line up with the business needs and requirements are very important for sustainability, our highly professional and committed team provides you with best advice on planning ,compliance ,reporting and maintaining effective tax compliance. We are available to work with you in improving organizational structure, minimizing risk and improving opportunities and growth. Our entire team is available to assist you in maximizing your business incentives ,taxation outcomes in timely and effective manners .

 Individual or personal tax planning :

Tax planning advice is essential whenever an individual wants to set up a new business, or invest in property. Preparing your own income tax return is no doubt a difficult task which can be quiet confusing and complicated for any one and increases the possibility of overlooking the important aspects without the assistance of an experienced tax professional. Our experienced professionals with their effective tax planning strategies prepare prepared tax returns and guide you to maximize your tax return.

How we are going to help you:

1 - hecking and rechecking your tax return by our tax professionals using professional computer software to ensure no error by reviewing closely and accurately.

2 - You tax return to be filed electronically making it easy to get your refund back in a short time .

3 - Guidance to adjust your payroll withholding tax that suits your needs.

4 - Access to potential and overlooked deductions to limit your tax liabilities for the next year and following years.

 Sole Proprietors:

A sole proprietor is the easiest way to open and maintain your own business which requires no separate banking account

Sole proprietors must focus on accurate financial records to have a clear picture of their business ,assets, liabilities and earnings of the business. They must keep separate and accurate bookkeeping records to maximize tax deductions and reduce tax liabilities. We will help you in preparing and updating you books which allow you to track your income and expenses, saving all receipts for any purchase which may be needed for any future potential audit.

 Flow Through Entities:

Regal Tax provides tax services to flow-through entities in the following areas:

Professional service firms

professional service firms including law firm, architecture, engineering and financial services usually use a partnership like LLC or LLP. We provide guidance related to partner compensation ,transfer of ownership interest and absolution of retiring partner interests.

Real Estate

Our professionals help entities in managing their real estate from acquisition to sale. Mostly the real estate industry has adopted LLC as the primary entity of choice for structuring real estate deals .We provide our professional services including distribution of income, gain, loss, credit, deduction, calculation of basis, risk estimation, debit allocation and passive activity limitations.


We at Regal Tax have highly professional and skilled personnel who have the knowledge to tackle every potential tax challenge. we will help you structure your business in a tax efficient manner both locally and globally. Understanding of tax impacts business operations and transactions in multiple jurisdictions is what a company needs for its survival and growth. We provides tax consulting, advisory and business restructuring ,tax compliance and due diligence. we aim at providing innovative solutions in the shortest possible time by being responsive and committed to you through phone calls and emails .Our corporate services includes

  • tax compliance

  • State and local taxes

  • Accounting and income taxes

  • R&D tax credits

  • Section 382 studies

  • Special projects

 Not -for -profit compliance

As all the not -for -profit organizations are the organizations that do not earn profit for its owners and are tax exempt charities .To achieve tax exempt status the organization need to request 501(c)(3) status from Internal Revenue Services . Each year IRS requires all these organizations to submit the form 990 which includes:

  • Income statement having specific revenue and expense categories including donations, salaries, rent and other area.

  • Functional expense statement showing all the expenses made.

  • Balance sheets containing all information about cash accounts receivable or payable.

  • Revenue support schedules indicating the source of income.

 Accounting and Consulting:

Reliable accounting is extremely important for recording financial transactions in a business, without it you are unable to show financial health and growth of your business to stakeholders. So accounting plays a crucial role in making compiled financial statements. Providing financial information, ways to maximize the efficiency of financial reporting system to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. We provide a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following:

  • financial statement preparation

  • bookkeeping

  • accounting system setup

  • computerized payroll services

  • business tax returns

  • litigation support

we provide complete accounting services from opening the mail to analyzing the final results or training and supervision to other clients on a day to day basis.


 Internal control advisory:

a sound system of internal control is essential for managing the risks an organization can face on daily basis. Effective internal control is needed for reviewing or implementing a recognized framework of internal controls which helps mitigate the risk that can affect an organization badly. Regal Tax offers a variety of services to help organization assess, design and implement internal control systems to your specifications.

 SOX404 Compliance services

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires the management of public companies to assess the effectiveness of the internal control for financial reporting whether financial statements provided are true, fair and completely stated. For this purpose a process is required which is acceptable to both the management as well as external auditors.

We provide you with the best internal control framework assistance by designing a uniform control framework to monitor and track controls. A self-assessment and certification process will be designed that can meet you needs. Our professional with your help will develop an entity-based business model and document your internal controls which makes it easy to identify the processes that needs enhanced control by proving recommendations .


when you use financial statements internally to assess and monitor the growth of your business or are presenting it to a third party, you want those to be accurate and timely. Regal Tax goes beyond preparing financial statements by pricing expert analysis which helps you better understand what the results mean for your business and can guide you correctly. We can provide financial assurance by compilation, review and audit.


An audit is the highest level of assurance service which includes methodical review, examination of financial statements, verification of all the documents and information provided to the auditor. The credibility of published information can satisfy stakeholders, comply with banking contracts, determine fraud and error and facilitate the sale and purchase of business.


A review engagement consists of analytical procedures applied to any financial statement or supporting document that appears inconsistent or questionable. A review report expresses limited assurance and does not require the CPA to test transactions, procedures , controls or representations .Though the required procedures of a review are far less than an audit , still our professionals are always looking for ways to enhance your business operations.



A compilation is used to present financial data provided by the management the form of financial statements without any opinion and assurance expressed on the statements.

 Industry services:

our expert staff provides insightful advice and personalized services in order to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our specialized industries are :

Professional Services

Real Estate


Manufacturing & Distribution

Medical & Dental Practice Services

Arts & Entertainment

 Types of clients


Regal Tax is unequivocally grounded in the basics of customary expense and bookkeeping administrations, and we offer these types of assistance as is normally done. Be that as it may, we accept that our high total assets customers particularly esteem our administration association way to deal with prompting them, and specifically our inventive way to deal with ensuring their inclinations during certain basic circumstances that call for abilities outside their skill. We consider and can talk with our customers on numerous parts of their money related lives, from repeating charge arranging matters to home arranging and organization, and everything in the middle. We join or help fabricate the group of legitimate and money related counsels that will bolster a family as it navigates an ever changing duty and budgetary scene.

Services we provide include:

  • Excise Planning

  • Land Transactions

  • Investment opportunity Planning

  • Individual consultative Services


alludes to general enterprises . Shaping an enterprise permits an entrepreneur to make a different legitimate structure that can protect their own advantages from decisions against the business. Services we provide to the enterprises include:

  • Contractual obligation (Planning Future)

  • Counseling (Where is Enterprise heading?)

  • Bookkeeping (Monitoring Growth of the Enterprise)

  • Confirmation (Satisfying clients and Customers)

  • Warning (Safeguarding Chattels)


Partnerships are working structures required to pass salary, reasoning, additions, misfortunes, and attributes through to the proprietors of the element. Sorts of Partnerships are associations including restricted organizations and constrained risk association , Enterprises, salary trusts and constrained obligation organizations . Regal Tax Provides services in the following areas:

  • Adept Services Firms

  • Land and Revenue .

 Joint Ventures:

A joint venture is a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task. This task can be a new project or any other business activity. In a joint venture , each of the participant is responsible for profits, losses, and costs associated with it. However, the venture is its own entity, separate from the participants' other business interests. At Regal Tax we provide the following services to the Joint Ventures:

  • Audit

  • Corporate

  • tax

  • Consultancy.

 Non Governmental Organization:

In a situation of changing guidelines and uplifted rivalry for financing assets, charitable associations can profit incredibly from our firm with broad involvement with the nonprofit division. Nonprofit bookkeeping, announcing and consistence have gotten progressively many sided; in this way cautious thoughtfulness regarding consistence issues and methodology is a flat out need.__________ Regal Tax comprehends these one of a kind issues. We see every customer separately and offer explicitly customized recommendations and arrangements. We fill in as an extension between the complexities of charitable bookkeeping and detailing, and our customers' shifted degrees of comprehension and necessities. In addition, we provide the following services to Non-Governmental Organizations:

  • Internal Audits.

  • Project Audits.

  • Long Term Planning

  • Consultancy.

  • Agreed upon Assignments.